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ZEVA Austrian Crystal File

ZEVA Austrian Crystal File

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The ZEVA® Austrian Crystal File helps prevent your nails from splitting, chipping, and peeling. An Excellent choice for nails on feet and hands. Built to last, and easy to store and carry in your purse.

Within 2 - 3 weeks you should see longer, stronger, more beautiful nails.

WHAT IT IS: The ZEVA Austrian Crystal File is different from every other file. It is made from pulverized Austrian Crystal and a proprietary ceramic/porcelain compound.

When pulverized, Austrian Crystal particles become flat and razor sharp. However, when you run your finger over the ZEVA file, it feels smooth because the crystals are so small.

What’s really happening is the ZEVA file is gently shaving the nail edge to a smoothness unequaled by any “normal” glass, metal or paper files.

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