Who is Lisa 32 Fashion Boutique

Your Style. Your Story. Your Choice.

Our home is based in Texas. My name is Lisa, I am 56 years young, a mother, and a wife. We live in a small rural community with our two corgis, Ory & Winnie. My love for fashion and beauty has been a life long passion, and I love my job.

Lisa32 Shop Fashion Boutique is your go-to destination for chic and curated fashion. Discover a collection that empowers your elegance and elevates your style. We offers carefully selected clothing and accessories for women of all ages and sizes.

Lisa32 was established in 2013, in the skincare industry, and after 10 years of skincare I was able to sell my skincare company and launch an amazing fashion boutique. This.... was a dream come true for me. Change is always good right?

Our customer base is vast and we are quickly becoming a top competitor in the boutique niche. We attribute this to our honest, transparent and perfectionist business standards and to our customers who we call "family".

Being a 100% Dropship fashion website, can be a tricky move, but in doing so, we have the ability to source from top wholesalers, each boasting trust, quality, affordability and transparency with a vast inventory to choose from. We also can reduce our eco footprint by sourcing quality fashion designs without adding to the "excess" waste of the clothing industry. We LOVE our planet and want to do all we can to keep it beautiful.

Each supplier we source has to be located in the USA, this is a personal preference, and they must offers affordable and quality fashion for boutiques. If the suppliers don't meet our standards, we move along to others that do.

This enables us to carry large inventory, reduce our inventory waste AND keep our customers in high end and luxurious in regular and curvy sizes.

We believe in inclusivity, offering a wide range of sizes and styles to ensure everyone finds their fashion muse with us. Join us on a journey of self-expression and redefine your style, with weekly inventory additions, at Lisa32 Shop Fashion Boutique.