7 Beauty Trends to Adopt in 2022

A new year means new good resolutions to pamper your skin. In recent years, fashionable skincare and cosmetic products have come and gone to the...
7 Beauty Trends to Adopt in 2022

A new year means new good resolutions to pamper your skin. In recent years, fashionable skincare and cosmetic products have come and gone to the rhythm of trends seen on Tik Tok and other social networks.

While some of them are only temporary, others persist. Already timidly announced in 2021, they managed to stand out from the crowd and promise to be even more present this year. In addition, every year, the trend is more towards natural beauty products and intelligent self-care. In 2022, we are opting for treatments that are good for the skin and the planet. 

Here are the top 6 beauty trends you must not miss this year. Be on top of your skin shape to lead this year in style.

A Minimalist Skin Care Routine: Skip-Care

To treat my skin, not too much is needed. What if the key to our skin beauty resided in a lighter and less busy routine? Less is more tell us the experts and dermatologists who all agree on a simplistic ritual composed of softer and more natural products. No more overflowing shelves, and hello to the minimalist atmosphere!

The time of the 12-step beauty routine like Korean fashion is over. We put on some must-haves to care for your skin simply and effectively. Make way for the moderate skin trend. 

The skip-care consists of skipping a few steps of the traditional beauty routine to keep only the essential beauty products. This express ritual relies on quality care that respects the skin and the planet. In 5 minutes, it is possible to take care of your skin thanks to a light and complete routine. So what does it include? 

Here are the steps:

  • A cleansing lotion or foam to deeply cleanse the face and promote oxygenation of the epidermis before applying skin care products 
  • An exfoliant to remove the dead skin cells leaving skin soft, radiant and young 
  • A serum according to your skin type to prepare the epidermis 
  • A day cream adapted to your skin type to protect it from external aggressions and moisturize it throughout the day 
  • A night cream for skin nourishment and rejuvenating while you sleep

Organic and Vegan Beauty Products

It's been a while now since organic is essential both in the fashion industry and in cosmetics and care. Therefore, the collections of organic products have flourished for a few years. 

In 2022, organic, along with vegan, is one of the essential beauty trends. And it's certainly for something: Generation Z, that is to say, those born between the end of the 1990s and 2010 seem particularly open to adopting more ecologically conscious behavior.

Research shows that the majority of this generation favors organic beauty products and is ready to spend more on eco-friendly brands.

Remember, however, that vegan does not mean organic, and vice versa. Vegan products are those that do not use any animal products. In contrast, when we talk about organic beauty products, we refer to a composition of at least 95% of ingredients of natural origin.

Opt for a HydraFacial Treatment 

Nothing is too good to moisturize your skin. To complete your skin care routine and boost the hydration of the skin, it is better to bet on a HydraFacial treatment, ideal for displaying perfect skin in just one session! 

A true beauty secret of the jet set and network stars, this treatment deeply cleanses and hydrates the skin, tightens pores, eliminates blackheads and corrects fine lines. It is fully customizable and adapts to all skin types thanks to the application of serums selected according to the nature of your epidermis. It is advisable to perform one per month to keep skin perfectly hydrated and radiant with vitality!

Scalp Care

Because it's not just our skin that deserves a little softness and attention, the scalp is also entering the beauty trends not to be overlooked. 

Research sees a 70% increase in search interest for scalp products on Google. All major brands specializing in hair products are getting into it. You can find shampoos, exfoliating treatments, or even cleansing oils to maintain your scalp.

Tinted and Anti-Blue Light Sunscreens

Tinted sunscreens are increasingly popular. It is also one of the beauty trends confirmed by many beauty experts. Anti-blue light skincare was already present in the major trends for 2021. Some brands notably offer a range of products that protect against all the daily aggressions the skin undergoes, including blue light and UV rays. Interest in these products greatly increased during the first confinement of 2020. Despite working from home, we are still much confronted with the light of our screens daily. Thus, this trend is not about to leave.

Go for Voluminous Eyelashes

On the eyelash side, the trend is for volume, and of course, it's even better. Exit eyelash extensions and the dubious parasol effect, and opt for an "eyelash growth" serum that will have its effect in the blink of an eye. 

How to get thicker and longer eyelashes in a month? This is possible thanks to the different natural treatments that give pride of place to the look of a doe. You can find serums that stimulate the regrowth of thin and damaged eyelashes, enriched with castor oil, hemp oil, argan oil and vitamin E. Such a treatment strengthens the eyelashes at the base. Apply the serum every night for a month, drawing a thin line above the eyelashes.

Make Your Hand and Feet Shine 

It is said that the hands say a lot about our personality. We might as well take care of them to appear in our best light! The same goes for our feet. With the approach of the beautiful days, it is important to pamper your hands and toes with treatment and an on-fleek manicure and pedicure to be dazzling from head to toe. 

Daily moisturization after a shower or before going to bed is a must for soft and nourished hands and feet. You can also opt for an exfoliating treatment, ideal for dry and cracked feet.


The beauty industry has undergone several changes due to the pandemic, and new trends have emerged, most of which are here to stay forever. We hope the information we shared about the top beauty trends to adopt in 2022 has provided you with some useful insights. 

These trends remind us how important it is to take care of yourself, your physique, and above all, to show the right gestures and products to adopt.

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